Internship Spotlight: Luciano Cundari

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer
Luciano Cundari has quite an impressive resume with his M.S.P.A program and concentrations in accounting and finance.

He is also going to complete a certificate in information technology with an expected graduation of all degrees in 2017.

Besides his extensive degrees, Cundari is a student in the Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development and a member of Accounting Club.

He also enjoys assisting with PirateThon and a large hobby of his is soccer. He is from Denville, New Jersey.

With his impressive resume, Cundari had many options for an internship.Therefore after speaking with him and inquiring why he chose Deloitte, one of the “Big 4” public accounting firms, he stated that there were two main reasons.

The first involved the fact that he wanted to go into public accounting and Deloitte is consistently a top firm in the field.

The second reason is because of the people that he met at Deloitte and the fact that he fit in with their culture well.

Cundari furthered his explanation about Deloitte’s culture.  Deloitte’s culture is based around 4 major concepts: integrity, excellent client service, diversity and inclusion, and commitment to each other.

Cundari continued, “One thing that I loved about the firm is that no matter what service line you are in or what office you are based out of, you are a Deloitte employee and every Deloitte employee is there for one another. In addition to that, the culture is very professional, but it was fun and energetic at the same time.”

All of these experiences helped Cundari land his prestigious internship with Deloitte over the summer. His main responsibility to the client he was assigned was to assist the engagement team in the creation, development, and revision of audit work papers.  In addition to that, he had the responsibility to brief the team on any new audit technologies that Deloitte wanted its’ professionals to use. While working on site at a client gives a person invaluable experience and learnings, Cundari stated that his most valuable skill that he learned was, “to work hard”.

He added, “During my internship, one thing that every person said was that they want a teammate that is going to work hard.  A quote that a professor once told me was, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’  This is 100% when it comes to the workforce.  No matter the circumstance, employers want people that are willing to give it their all.”

Cundari continued to elaborate on learnings and explained that learning in a work environment is very different from learning in a classroom.

He mentioned how in a work setting there is no syllabus, like many are used to in a school setting.

Additionally, in a work setting, one will have to constantly adapt to different situations and needs. Many learnings that Cundari had at Seton Hall University made a large impact on his ability to successfully complete his internship.

In fact, he stated, “The skills that I used the most were technical skills/knowledge from my accounting classes, project management skills, and writing skills.  One of the things that surprised me the most was the amount of writing that you do in audit.  I wrote up many documents during my internship and was able to use what I learned in school to write clearly and succinctly.”

One aspect that distinguished Deloitte from the other “Big 4” public accounting firms is that fact that they have Deloitte University (DU), which is located in Texas. The facilities are top-notch with the most up-to-date technology and some of the top partners around the country are proctors for different seminars.

Cundari explained, “when you are at DU, you are able to meet other interns from around the country and eat some truly delicious, and free, food!”

While reflecting back on his internship experience, Cundari came up with many pieces of advice.

The largest piece of advice he had was, “to build relationships, don’t simply talk to a recruiter and stop at a thank you email.  People are willing to help others out more if they are friendly with that person.  By building a relationship with a recruiter or a professional in a firm, you are able to not only pick their brains about what you can do to better yourself, but the other person, that professional or recruiter, will be more willing to help you out because of your relationship and initiative to learn and keep connected.”

Cundari will be interning at a capital group in New York City this fall, and will be returning to Deloitte as an audit associate full-time next September to begin his career.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 13th print edition.

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