The Generation Gap: On a Lighter Note

By Felipe Bueno, Trending Writer

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, ‘smart phones’, Memes, FitBit, and ‘the cloud.’ All of these are terms that did not exist a mere decade ago, yet somehow they have seamlessly been integrated into the vernacular. There is not a single millennial in the first world who does not use these terms on a day to day basis or know what they mean; yet they remain a foreign concept to the majority of the antecedent generation. This ‘generational gap,’ as it has come to be known, has been the subject of controversy. TIME, calling millennials the “me me me generation,” has reported that there has been increased levels of narcissistic personality disorder, laziness, conceitedness, and an obsession for fame.

Simply looking at such data one might assume that we are the worst generation so far, right? Well, that is simply not true. If one looks at the source of this ‘generation gap’ all signs point to the technological revolution of the late 90’s early 20’s. It was this tech boom that created the aforementioned terms. Therefore, the millennial generation must be viewed holistically with the events that led to its creation. The Dot Com and tech booms created incalculable jobs and industries seemingly out of thin air. They are responsible for a more interconnected and globalized world with perhaps the greatest gift of all, millennials. The older generations have a habit of looking at the younger generation and arguing, “we always had it harder back in my day,” among other complaints. Then again, isn’t an increase in the standard of living a sign of societal progression?

Baby boomers had to grow up with two back-to-back World Wars, a great depression, and outbreaks of smallpox. Generation X lived in the shadows of nuclear proliferation, civil rights protests, and a cold war. The fact that the world has not experienced a large-scale war between two great powers in over 60 years should be considered a good thing. It is an incredible thing how teenagers can order food by placing online orders on their smart phones and how cars can now run on electricity. These are some of the signs that society has progressed past the worries of the olden days. Millennials live in an era of a globalized world with marriage equality, civil rights, an increase in health outcomes, and a decrease in smoking rates. Of course millennials are not perfect and there are downsides to this generation. However, the beautiful present we inhabit was once someone’s glimmering tomorrow, and it is the best version of the world there has ever been.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 13th print edition.

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