Fall 2016 Career Fair Tips

Make the Most of SHU’s 2016 Fall Career Fair

Thursday, September 15 from 4:00 to 6:15 in the Richie Regan Field House

Can’t make it for the whole event? Don’t miss out! Come for as long as you can.

Follow these tips to make the most out of the fall career fair.

Attend the Career Fair RESUME REVIEW Walk-ins (Career Center, Bayley Hall, Suite 209)

Tuesday, September 13 (1:00-4:00); Wednesday, September 14 (9:00-11:45)

Have your resume reviewed or practice your 30 second pitch.  No appointment needed.  Stop by for a quick session with one of our career advisors.

Prepare your NEWS (30 Second Pitch)

Need some help creating your 30 second pitch?  It’s right on your Navigator home page.  Simply click on SHARE the NEWS to get a sample, then draft your intro. Practice your pitch with a career advisor during walk-in hours.

Create a TARGET List

Sign into Navigator and check out the list of participating organizations.  There are more than 115, so you must do some advanced planning to make sure you use your time wisely and connect with recruiters at key companies.    

Do Your Homework – RESEARCH Your TOP TARGETS

Once you have your target list, check out each organization’s website.  Be ready to comment on something you noticed on the website and prepare a question about a key initiative or value that lets the recruiter know you’ve done your research.  Be sure that you can tell them why you are targeting their company or organization.

Dress for the Opportunity

Business dress is required.  Remember to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  Bring plenty of resumes, printed on good quality paper in a folio so that you can hold them and take notes.

Practice your Presence

Being confident is important, especially when selling your skills to an employer.  The key to portraying confidence is to practice – eye contact, a firm handshake, smiling, and genuine enthusiasm are all key behaviors to convey confidence and make a positive impression.

Take the TIME to Make Some Notes

It’s hard to remember what recruiters say when you are racing around the crowded field house.  Take the time to pause between meetings and make a note about something the recruiter said or something new you learned about the organization.  This will make a big difference in the next tip.

Stand Out from the Crowd by Following-Up

Very few students follow up with recruiters after a career fair, and those who do really stand out.  Always ask for the recruiter’s business card so that you have all of their contact information.  Follow up with an email or, often better, a hand-written note.  Remember this is part of your marketing campaign, so reference meeting the recruiter at the Seton Hall Fall Career Fair.  Refer back to those notes and mention something he or she said about the company or job that impressed you to let them know you were listening and restate your enthusiasm for a position with their organization.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 13th print edition.



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