NY Primary, the Result Everyone Expected

By Dhara Patel
Domestic News Writer

This past Tuesday, was the New York primaries. The state close to home had little doubt as to which candidates it would pick. As numerous analysts predicted, it was no shock that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump won from their parties.

Clinton received a whopping 139 delegates, Sanders, a close second, received 106 delegates, Trump got 89 delegates, Kasich received 4 delegates, and Cruz gained 0 delegates. It is no surprise that Cruz did not do so well. After his offensive remark about “New York values” he could kiss New York goodbye.

Given his odd 8 p.m. speech time, there is no doubt that Cruz himself knew that the New York primaries would go sour for him, Trump did well in Staten Island but poorly in Manhattan where Kasich picked up most of the votes. Clinton swept Manhattan while Sanders did well in Brooklyn.

On a map, it may seem that Sanders received a lot more votes, but Clinton was the one who won the more populous areas. During Trump’s victory speech, CNN quoted Trump saying, “We don’t have much of a race anymore, based on what I’m seeing on television, Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.” As callous as that seems, Trump is not wrong.

With all of Trump’s victories and his polling popularity, it will be extremely hard for the rest of the Republican candidates to catch up to him. Trump was not the only one that took a hit at his opponent; Hilary too had a few snide remarks towards Bernie Sanders. Hilary slammed Sanders in her speech, stating, “To all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us.” Clinton jabbed Sanders’s main point on how America is divisive.

It is not to say that the New York primaries had easy voting. Actually, the opposite can be said. The New York Times noted Sanders exclaiming how horrible New York laws are.
New York is a closed primary state; that means that only registered Republicans or Democrats can vote. Obviously, this was a disadvantage for Sanders since many Independents could not vote. The same Independents that helped Sanders garner popularity.

The next few states’ primaries such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other northeastern states, mostly have closed primaries. Furthermore, as the Daily Show remarked, Sanders was also upset that some of the polls did not even open until 12 in the afternoon. This horrible timing led to less voter turnout since many people would be at work and cannot take off at such an odd time.

Many news channels such as CNN predict that the next few states’ primaries will further help Clinton and Trump. Sanders will need a miracle to catch up to Clinton given that those states have closed primaries. Also, the fact that Sanders is week among black voters will be his downfall as well. Clinton is strong with voters who are 30-45 years old, whereas Sanders is strong among young voters, 18-29 years old and specifically, young white males. All in all, New York truly is Trump’s and Clinton’s home.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 26th print edition.

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