McCarthy Pitches SHU’s First Perfect Game

By Shay Joseph,
Sports Business Writer

April 15, 2016 will forever be a day to remember for Seton Hall baseball. No one could have predicted the way the game would have played out for the team who were playing LIU Brooklyn last Friday at Owen T. Carroll field.

On just 88 pitches, Seton Hall pitcher, Shane McCarthy pitched a perfect game, a first in the history of Seton Hall baseball. His dominance on Friday is undeniable as evidenced by the 62 strikes he threw of the 88 pitches total used.

He was in command and in control of his stuff allowing him to dominate the game for a complete nine innings.

The sophomore pitcher saw his ERA improved his record to 5-3 this season and an ERA at 2.64. The game was a great one overall for the Pirates who beat LIU 10-0 and gained their twenty-fourth win of the season.

His teammates realizing what could happen kept quiet and avoided talking to him in the dugout so they would not jinx him.

As for taking credit for the game, McCarthy stated it was a team effort and expressed gratitude for their plays on the field and the support they gave him. Most notably, he shouted out Mike Alescio for sealing the deal with the final out.

Alescio is no stranger to catching McCarthy whom he says he has caught for years. In addition, both guys hail from the same town, Fair Haven, New Jersey, so it makes it all the sweeter for the two.

McCarthy has shown much improvement this season from last as shown by the stats he is putting up.

Following the game, his strikeout total for the season reached a total of 57 for the season which is second best in the Big East.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the sophomore also stated “This year I’m striking out a lot more batters, and I’m also going deeper into games,” he said. “This year I’m the Friday starter. My coach always talks about how important it is to show us the way with that first start of the weekend. I’ve been trying to do that, eating up a lot of innings for our team.”

Shane McCarthy is definitely showing more maturity and responsibility which will help the team in the long run.

In the end, this game pretty much saw everything go the way of Seton Hall who dominated both on the field and behind the plate.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 26th print edition.

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