IS Rockets Hit Refugee Camps in Kilis

By Lindsey DeLorie,
International New Writer

On Monday, April 18, Islamic State rockets were fired into a Syrian refugee camp at Kilis, which is in South Turkey. As reported by BBC, four of these rockets hit populated areas of Kilis, where over 120,000 refugees from Syria currently live. Refugees from the Syrian war now outnumber Turkish citizens in the town of Kilis and the town has been the victim of multiple rocket hits.

In these recent attacks, five Katyusha-type rockets are known to have come from the Islamic State militants in Syria.  The rockets can be traced back to the area of Syria currently under IS control. These rockets landed in the center of Kilis hitting a teachers’ dormitory and a hospital.  These rockets led to the death of four Syrians, three of which were children, and wounded a Turkish national as well as five other Syrians.

According to Turkey’s Hurriyet News Daily, Turkish artillery fired back at known IS locations in Northern Syria.  Mortar shells were fired across the border by Turkish armed forces later in the day after the IS rockets made their mark in Kilis. This is not the first time shells have landed in the camp and the number of attacks have been growing recently. According to the Hurriyet News Daily, twelve people were wounded from an attack on April 11th and two were killed, six wounded from attacks the next day.  Protests broke out over the lack of security within the town after the attacks on the April 11.

Turkey is currently hosting around 2.7 million Syrian refugees who have fled the Syrian civil war.  Turkey is currently facing multiple security threats including these cross border attacks from Syria. Turkey is currently fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq while it is also in conflict with the Kurds in the southeast of Turkey.  As reported by Al Jazeera, the violence with the Kurdish fighters is escalating after a two year cease fire collapsed over the summer.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 26th print edition.

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