This Week’s Dow Jones Industrial Average

By Nicholas Zelinsky,
Money & Investing Writer

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had an eventful week this week.  The Dow Jones started at 17,876.37 points on Monday, and peaked at a .82 percent change from the opening.
The following morning investors got off to an early start and rose the points up to a peak of 1.33 percent before lunch time.

What goes up must come down as the stocks soon after fell to .73 percent, and then leveling out at 1.08 percent by the time the trading floor closed down.

Wednesday Morning started off slow before gaining percentage in the late morning.
The Dow Jones rode the wave up to 1.71 percent, the high of the week.  It was a strong day Wednesday overall, and after the week high fell back down to 1.34 percent.

Unfortunately the trend downwards did not stop after close, and continued Thursday morning after opening.

The market hovered around the same place where it opened, and then fell slowly, but consistently throughout the day.

Friday morning there was one small spike of hope, but that hope was quickly morphed into sorrow as the stock market fell .5 percentage points in less than an hour.

The price did recover by the end of the week and ended at .59 percent, a mere .07 percentage points above the open for the day.

Some stocks made some last minute changes to their standing among the others included in this index.

Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) fell a grand total of 7.17 percent, and the Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) rose 2.02 percent.

To look at the trends that occurred throughout the week, one thing could be concluded would be that the stock market is not weak.

For the majority of the time during the week, there was a consistent growth present in the market, except for the few hours in the week where it dropped.

One can look to that as hope for the market, that it’s not large, sudden increases, but consistent growth.

To even look at the Dow Jones as a whole in 2016, the market has had a pretty strong first quarter, and is starting off their second quarter pretty well.

It is sometimes hard to build back up once you take a fall in the first month of the New Year.

Despite the initial drop, the Dow Jones has been coming back, not drastically, but consistently over the past few months, which could be taken two ways.

The more pessimistic view to look at it is that what goes up must come down.  People could look at the stock market and says that it’s not stable, it’s not predictable, and it could fall at any moment.

You can look at the success as a sign of imminent failure.

Another way to view this trend is that it’s a trend.  The trend is headed upwards, and we can keep riding it up all the way to a strong and healthy market.

It is completely understandable, and almost inarguable to say that either one is false, or true.

The stock market is a mystery that we can only try to forecast.  The only thing we know about the market is what is happening now, and what has happened.

The market had an overall good week this week, and showed some signs of strength throughout.  Hopefully these are signs of good things to come.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 26th print edition.

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