Student Government Association Recognizes New Fashion Club

By Andrew Aguilera,
Stillman News Editor
Fashion Club

In November 2015, the Seton Hall Student Government Association’s (SGA) Student Organization Advisory Committee (SOAC) approved the recognition of Fashion Club.
Each semester, ambitious students present their ideas for new campus organizations to SOAC in hopes that their organization can attain funding and support.

The committee rates each presentation based on the following criteria: mission and purpose, interest and student appeal, structure and sustainability, distinction and uniqueness.

While many clubs are approved each year, Fashion Club has the potential to make a huge impact within the Stillman School of Business.

The organization is founded by Madison Schott, a sophomore majoring in marketing and mathematical finance.

She is also their current president.

The rest of the executive board consists of Cailee Valente (management), Courtney Jenney (journalism), Amani Gooden, and Martin O Tettey (journalism and public relations).

Recently, The Stillman Exchange team sat down with Schott to discuss her vision of the organization and its purpose.
Q: Why did you want to start a fashion club at Seton Hall University (SHU)?

A: I have always wanted to start a Fashion Club on campus because it is something I really love and Seton Hall does not have a club specifically supporting fashion. I have always been thinking about doing it but never could find the right time until Cailee Valente (our Vice President) sent me a picture of the flyer on starting a new club. Once she sent this to me, I knew it was the time to start it. We worked on the application and recruiting members through Facebook. We were able to get around eighty members just from this initiative alone, before the club was even approved. Fortunately, we were able to get approved on campus by SGA in November. So, this spring semester is our first as an official club on campus.

Q: What kind of events do you plan for Fashion Club?

A: We plan to have events that are both social and educational. We want to bring together those who have similar passions as well as educate our members on how to break into such a competitive industry. We have had an in-club networking event where members got to meet one another and discuss fashion. We also had Melanie Manalo, a student here at SHU, come in to speak about her internship experience in the fashion industry. On March 1, we took a club trip to the Fashion Institute of Technology where Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, spoke about the changing industry and the book that she wrote. On April 13, Fashion Club cosponsored Alpha Kappa Psi’s Profashional Fashion Show. This event showcased business professional fashion. Fashion Club, in partnership with Epsilon Nu Tau and Entrepreneurship Club, brought together different student entrepreneurs to talk about their businesses during intermission and then raffle off some of their items. People who attended the event were able to win prizes made by our student entrepreneurs. On March 21, we had speaker Christina Lau come to campus to talk about her blog and her fashion internship experience. This past Friday April 22, Maria Viccaro came in to speak. She is a SHU alumnus who is the former president of Oscar De La Renta. She currently owns her own company called MPOWERSTYLE.

Q: What are the goals of the Fashion Club?

A: The goals of Fashion Club are to join together a group of people with similar interests and allow them to grow together through this topic which they are passionate about. Not only is it a great social idea for a club, but the organization would also strive to develop career paths of those looking to work in the fashion industry someday. I want the organization to help grow skills that are important to possess in the industry as well as teach students how to network and get their name out there in such a competitive work field. This organization supports Seton Hall University’s vision for a diverse and dynamic community. It will be unlike any other since there are no clubs on campus centered on fashion. Students interested in other areas other than fashion such as art, public relations, journalism, marketing, graphic design, and business would find opportunity in this club.  From the start, I knew that this would be the perfect start for promoting creative minds on campus and allow these creative minds to grow together both professionally and socially. Lastly, it provides its students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and challenge themselves in a unique way.

For more information about the Fashion Club, please contact Madison Schott at

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 26th print edition.

Contact Andrew at


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