Syrian Forces Reclaim Town Near Palmyra

By Patrick Falk,
International News Writer

Russian airstrikes propelled the way to a victory for Syrian ground forces and allied militaries in the town of al-Qaryatain last Sunday, April 1st. The barrage from Russian air support softened the insurgent entities, while ‘encircling’ maneuvers implemented by the Syrian and allied troops proved to be effective. This led them to victory over their counterparts, who found themselves completely surrounded.

The town of al-Qaryatain had been held in captivity by ISIS for the past eight months. The city is of high priority for Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, due to its proximity to the more populated Western Syria where major cities like Damascus are situated. As reported by Reuters, after the retaking of the town, Syrian state television announced it has “fully restored security and stability to Al- Qarytain after killing the last remaining groups of Daesh terrorists in town.” Bashar Al Assad also went on to say that this victory was one of strategic nature. According to the Syrian military command this win “secures oil and gas routes between the Damascus area and oilfields in eastern Syria. It also disrupts Islamic state supply routes within Syria.”

The initial assault to recapture the city was relentless, with allied and Syrian forces sweeping through the Northwestern sector of the town clearing any explosive devices that may have been left behind by Daesh operatives. Allied forces attacked from many different directions, disorienting the remaining members of ISIS within the town.

As ISIS forces continue to retreat they have left more explosives for the Syrian and Allied forces in their wake. Right now, it is priority for the allied forces and Syrian military to continue sweeping the area for explosives left behind by the insurgents. Until this operation is completed civilians cannot move back into their homes. While the conflict in Syrian is still ongoing, the retaking of al-Qaryatain is bringing hope to Syrian ground forces in their fight against ISIS forces.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 12th print edition.

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