Internship Spotlight: Danielle Malabuyoc

By Brian Bozzo,
Stillman News Writer

danielle malabuyoc

Danielle Malabuyoc is a senior majoring in business administration with a dual-concentration in marketing and management. She is from Los Angeles, California.
She works for the Academic Resource Center as an office assistant and tutor. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating and traveling.
The Stillman Exchange interviewed Danielle to learn about her internship experience at Coburn Communication.

Q: What are your responsibilities as an intern?

A: I help with the branding and licensing for different clients as well as managing their social media accounts. Using social media listening tools like Sprout Social, I am able to analyze the data that is received to better understand the target demographic and cater future content to increase engagement.

Q: Why did you choose to apply for an internship at Coburn Communication?

A: Coburn Communication is a mid-size firm that mainly focuses on public relations (PR) but they also have a marketing division that deals with licensing and branding, social media, and brand integrations. I wanted to intern for a company that would give me a lot of hands on experience as well as an environment where I can network with plenty of people. At Coburn, I am able to challenge myself as well as learn about both PR and Marketing.

Q: How did you go about getting the internship?

A: I applied through Navigator with my resume and cover letter. Within a few weeks, I was lined up for a phone interview with human resources and was then hired.

Q: What was the most valuable skill that you learned while interning?

A: I learned that every client has to be dealt differently and most important thing is to listen to them. The accounts that I have been able to work on have been start up brands – so the founders are very attached and want everything perfect. Because of this, there have been times where the team has an idea but because our clients have trouble letting go of the reigns, the team has to strategize in order to please the client as well as the audience they are trying to reach.

Q: How was learning in a work environment different than learning in a classroom?

A: The work environment is not so much about rules and regulations, but more about application. If my supervisors want to assign me a task, they do not give me a textbook to read – they show me how to do it and then give me a project to see what I learned.
It is more stimulating that way because I am able to work with real clients in real time, rather than analyzing case studies with predetermined conclusions.

Q: What was the company culture like?

A: It was very familial. Our marketing division has status meetings every week to recap on the progress of each account in which the CEO of the company sits in. It is a very casual environment where I am able to input my opinion and every idea is taken to account. Everyone in the company has taught me so many lessons and they always offer to help me with anything, whether it’s a project or looking for an apartment after graduation. I definitely feel their support.

Q: What were some skills that you learned at Seton Hall that you used in your internship?

A: Dr. Daniel Ladik, who I took for direct marketing, has taught me the most and has actually helped me realize my passion for social media marketing and analytics. In his class, we were all required to get our Google AdWords certification as well as create a social media marketing plan for a business partner that we were paired up with. All those skills that I have learned in that class definitely helped me in my internship.

Q: What advice would you give to students who are actively searching for internships?

A: Be open minded. I know we all want to work for big companies in the future but I think that working for those mid-size companies will give you invaluable experience. Also, do not give up on the search – it gets tiring applying to so many internships and only hearing back from a few, but companies are always posting so always have hope that something will come up when you least expect it.

Q: What is next for you in your career?

A: Since I am graduating this May, the search for a full time position has started. I would love to work for Coburn Communication post-graduation, but I also wanted to be open minded to possibility of another opportunity.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 22nd print edition.

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