March Madness: Social Impact

By Margarita Williamson, Trending Writer

March Madness, the best time of the year for men’s college basketball is upon us. Sixty-eight teams qualify for the NCAA division I men’s basketball tournament. The March Madness tournaments determine the national champions of college basketball.

The teams play for the national championship on four national television networks: CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. Every game can also be watched live on the NCAA website. According to Nielsen, last year’s coverage of the tournament averaged 11.3 million total viewers which was the highest viewership in 22 years. Coverage of the games is not consumed as it was when the tournaments originally began. The national tournament in recent years has taken over social media. Social media has impacted March Madness in a phenomenal way, considering that people do not have to be present at a game or glued to a television to follow their favorite teams.   Whether you are a college basketball fan or not, if you are online you are bound to see game updates. The constant social media updates keep fans engaged in multiple tournament games.

March Madness bracket predictions are an activity enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Millions of people participate in ESPN’s NCAA tournament bracket challenge for a chance to win big cash prizes and trips. President Barack Obama selected the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2009 as the tournament winner and that year the Tar Heels were the national champions. This year the president selected Kansas to win the NCAA title. According to Business Insider, some of the biggest names on Wall Street are competing in Michael Bloomberg’s March Madness bracket challenge. The 42 participants are each pledging $10,000 to play and the jackpot goes to the winner’s charity of choice.

Not having time to watch the game no longer keeps fans from cheering and supporting their teams. Social media creates an online community for college basketball fans to share their opinions on teams and reactions to game highlights. March Madness is especially an exciting time for college students. It is pretty cool to see someone that lives in your building or that you have class with compete for a national championship on television. March Madness is an intense time for basketball and non-basketball fans alike. Watching buzzer-beating shots, incredible plays, and teams from across the country win or lose their chances at the next round leaves viewers in a frenzy.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 22nd print edition.

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