March Madness: Future Projections

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

There are a variety of reasons why sports fan and non-sports fans alike enjoy March Madness. One of the many exciting aspects is the unpredictability of it. Fans who make brackets and pools, always run the risk of being surprised by players and teams. People sometimes assume teams will do poorly and they end up making it very far.

Through the NCAA tournament, players have a chance to gain a great deal of recognition. According to the Huffington Post, Gary Payton II, Carrington Love, and Thomas Walkup among other players are expected to stand out. All have been instrumental parts in their teams’ progress. Both Payton II and Love have brought their teams to the NCAA tournament after about a 20 year absence.

Gary Payton II is a Point Guard for the Oregon State Beavers, regarded as an all-around great player. Carringon Love is also a point guard who plays for Wisconsin Green Bay. He ranks third nationally in his steals and is a reliable 3-point shooter. Thomas Walkup, unlike the others, is a shooting guard and small forward for Stephen F. Austin State University. Walkup is the leader of his team and was awarded Player of the Year for a second time. These are only a few instances of the many players whose popularity will increase.

There are also a variety of teams every year that do much better than expected. However, it is necessary to keep the dominant teams in mind. Forbes states that once again Louisville, Kansas and Kentucky hold the top three spots. In addition, two other fan favorites are North Carolina and Michigan State. The universities themselves, conferences, and athletic departments are used to determine value.

However, there are teams that may take the tournament by storm. The Inquisitr mentions some of these teams and refers to them as “bracket-busting threats.” This is simply because many people do not expect them to do well. Some of these teams include the Chattanooga Mocs, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, Texas Tech, and the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans. The Chattanooga Mocs, despite being rated Number 12, are seen to pose a threat to the Number 5 Indiana team. The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors have not been in the tournament for fourteen years, but are considered to be very good. Texas Tech are said to be a threat because they have defeated big contenders in the past. Lastly, the Little Rock Trojans are a low-key team with an impressive defensive record.

Many players will stand out among the rest. In addition, there is always the chance of underdog teams taking everyone by surprise. The fact that no one can truly know the outcomes of the tournament certainly adds to the excitement.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 22nd print edition.

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