The Record-Breaking Movies of 2015-2016: International Films

By James Prumos, Trending Writer

When one tries to create a list of popular movies today, they will probably be filled with releases created by American production companies. However, many international films around the world have proved to be quite profitable for many reasons. Some noteworthy and rising international film industries include India/Bollywood, China, and Nigeria.

One of the highest grossing Indian films of all time is the 2015 release Bajrangi Bhaijaan which means “Brother Bajrangi” in English. The film is about a man named Bajrangi, who goes on a journey to return a six-year-old girl lost in India back to her parents in Pakistan. The film has been praised, receiving a score of 8.2 on, and has been noted for the performances of Salman Khan, who plays Bajrangi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays Chand Nawab, and Harshaali Malhotra, who plays the six-year-old girl. The film also touches upon the conflict between India, which is predominantly Hindu, and Pakistan, which is predominantly Muslim, features a musical-based soundtrack common to many Bollywood films, and has an engaging story, with a strong climax that left many viewers in tears.

Nigeria is home to a growing film industry, and one of the most popular Nigerian films released in the last year is Fifty. The plot concerns four upper-middle class women who suffer through different mid-life crises and try to overcome them. The film is set in the Nigerian city of Lagos, the largest city in Africa. It highlights the high level of development in the city and shows a side of Nigeria that is different from the stereotype of Africa being poor. Also, the four lead women, despite their common upper-middle class backgrounds, all have different characteristics, and the film is an example of diverse female characters in cinema.

Chinese cinema recently received a record-breaking film, Monster Hunt, which is currently the highest-grossing film in China. In the film’s story, humans and monsters live in the same world, based off of medieval China, but in separate lands due to past wars. A baby is born to a human father and the Monster Queen, and when both sides discover this, they try to gain the child for themselves. The part-live-action, part-3D-animated film was branded as being made by “the father of Shrek” and the film has many qualities that made the Shrek series successful, such as comedy, action, fantasy, romance, and appropriate music numbers. The plot is also simple enough for all demographics to appreciate, and the film has been praised for the quality of its animation, especially compared to other Chinese films.

There are many more prominent film industries around the globe, including those of Japan, France, and the United Kingdom. Each country’s film industry has their own characteristics, and as globalization increases, global cinema is expected to become more prominent in the future.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 23rd print edition.

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