The Record-Breaking Movies of 2015-2016: Comedy

By Tristan Miller-Lammert, Trending Writer

It has been an awesome time for movies recently. Everyone has gotten their fix: fans of comedy, suspense, action, and so on. If you are in the loop, you have probably gone to the movies and helped these blockbusters make millions.

Adjusted for inflation, older classics such as Gone with the Wind and The Sound of Music made billions. Today, the big hits are not making as much, but they come pretty close. In the last year, comedies like Spy, Get Hard, and Deadpool have all made hundreds of millions due to their humor appeal.

Spy stars Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham in a James Bond parody flick. People remember McCarthy from her 2013 film The Heat and Spy is in a similar vein. It is a deliberately slap-stick, funny movie with the effects and gun-play of an action blockbuster. According to the NY Times, “This movie is fancier than ‘The Heat’ or ‘Bridesmaids’ – flush with high-end visual effects”. It is a seriously funny send-up that handles serious effects with clever humor, one-liners, and the outrageous humor of McCarthy. It grossed $110 Million in the U.S.

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s latest movie Get Hard is a goofy movie, although its humor is basic. It revolves around James King, played by Ferrell, who is a wealthy investor sentenced to federal prison. He seeks out help from Darnell Lewis, Hart, to prepare him for it.  This comedy plays entirely on racial and social humor. Its multi-million dollar grossing success is owed to its mainstream appeal. “You can’t go to a water park and not get wet. Similarly, you can’t watch ‘Get Hard’ without laughing a few times”.

Lastly, Deadpool is off the chain. One of the lesser known of Marvel’s characters, Deadpool is a run-down snarky junkie who is best described as an anti-hero. As Rolling Stones put it, “Screenwriters Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick turn the comic created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza into their personal playing field for R-rated dirty talk and viscera ripping violence”. Deadpool is the violent and gritty Marvel movie people have always wanted, the first R-rated opening to make more than $100 Million, and the biggest February release of all time. It is visually impressive, tells a love story, and has everything one may remember from the first Spiderman in 2002.

Collectively, these movies spell good things for the future: funny flicks that make us laugh and jab at social reality.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 23rd print edition.

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