Boko Haram Attack Devastates Nigerian Village

Madeleine Hillyer,
International News Assistant

On the night of Jan. 31, Boko Haram unleashed yet another deadly attack on the village of Dalori in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno. According to a tweet sent out by Nigeria’s Emergency Management and Response department, 65 people were killed and over 130 were injured as a result of last weekend’s attacks.

Members of the terror organization arrived in Dalori on motorbikes and in cars and quickly began terrorizing the village. The men, who were armed with machine guns and other artillery, launched a raid attack on the village at nightfall. Many residents were killed as they fled for the bush where they tried to wait out the attack.

“We slept in the bush with no blankets despite the chilling weather,” one resident said, according to CNN, “We could hear soldiers battling with the Boko Haram attackers. It was terrifying.”

Unfortunately, this tragedy was compounded by suicide bombers who hid themselves amongst the civilians taking cover in the bush. One suicide bomber detonated their weapon while hiding with residents of the village behind a tree. Three women were caught trying to make their way into a larger crowd in order to detonate their bombs. Fortunately, they were stopped by soldiers before their weapons were activated. Those who survived had to watch as militants burned down their houses and destroyed their property.

Many houses were burned down, some with their residents still inside them. According to the New York Times, there are reports that children were kidnapped from the area and carried into the bush by Boko Haram members. These children are still missing.

It does not appear these attacks were directly aimed at specific targets but were only enacted to terrorize the area and to inflict as much damage as possible.

“It is the normal Boko Haram style of attack, where they come and tear down villages, what they did here was to burn down what they wanted to burn, and took away what they wanted to take,” Abba Aji Kalli, a member of the National Task Force, told the New York Times.

This attack comes after a period of decreased violence from the group as many countries in the area of Boko Haram-held territory believed that they had made progress in weakening the group in the area.

Saturday night’s attacks have called this progress into question. According to CNN, many analysts have said countries and militaries in the area must be cautious when gauging their successes in fighting against the organization as they still have a strong hold over some villages in the area.

In fact, this larger Boko Haram attack comes after various reports have come out of the region from people saying that their villages had been reclaimed by Boko Haram after government forces pushed the group out.

According to CNN, a recently released report shows Boko Haram has overtaken ISIS as the deadliest terror organization in the world.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 9th print edition.

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