UK Debates Banning Donald Trump

By Patrick Falk
International New Writer

Within the past week, Donald Trump has received substantial media attention across the Atlantic due to the issue of whether or not Trump should be banned from the United Kingdom. The UK Parliament made the decision to address the issue of the Republican frontrunner and business tycoon following Trump’s proposal to restrict Muslims from entering the United States of America, which prompted the creation of a petition signed by 574,000 British citizens calling for a ban.

In the course of the debate, Jack Dromey of the British Common Chambers referenced Trump’s image abroad and his provoking comments regarding Muslims, declaring that “Trump would only fuel extremism. Isis needs Trump, and Trump needs ISIS,” as quoted by the Guardian.

However, many MP’s feel that a ban on Donald Trump would be too harsh. Some of those in accordance with this are Naz Shah from the Labour Party and, on the conservative side, Sir Edward Leigh, Victoria Atkins and Kwarsi Kwarteng. As of right now, and for the foreseeable future, the British Government is reluctant to exclude Donald Trump from entering British territory.

Several members of Parliament remained in support of the ban, including Ahmed-Sheik, of the Scottish National Party, who claimed that Trump’s comments created an uneasy atmosphere in the UK for Muslims, according to the BBC. Tulip Siddiq, a member of the Labour Party, also voiced her support of the ban, citing fears that Trump’s comments could increase tensions in unstable communities.

“I draw the line with freedom of speech when it actually imports violent ideology,” she said, as quoted by the BBC. “The legislation exists to protect the public and the people of Britain from individuals such as this… the same rules need to apply to Donald Trump.”

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 26th print edition.

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