Hamburg Gives Up Bid for 2024 Olympics

By Madeleine Hillyer,
International News Assistant Editor

Los Angeles’ chances of receiving their bid to host the Olympic games in 2024 just got a little better. On Sunday, November 29, the city of Hamburg, Germany voted to withdraw its bid to host the 2024 games, leaving just four cities left in the running.

Many have speculated that Hamburg’s drop out has left Los Angeles and Paris as the two top choices to host the 2024 games. They are followed by Rome and Budapest, who are still in the running as well.

A referendum election was held recently to determine whether or not Hamburg would continue with its bid to host the 2024 games. With a thin majority of 51.6 percent. Hamburg narrowly voted to abandon its bid to host.

Many in Hamburg felt the cost of going for an Olympic bid was too much and believed that the money could be invested in other ways than trying to please the Olympic committee in preparation for the games. One issue commonly brought up was the large influx of migrants and refugees into the city and the argument that money would be better spent assisting them.

Many officials and altheltes have expressed their disappointment with Hamburg’s vote, but have added that Hamburg made its opinion clear and a bid for 2024 will no longer be pursued.

According to the BBC, Olaf Scholz, mayor of Hamburg, said, “That’s a decision that we didn’t want, but it’s clear.”.

Others also expressed their disappointment with the result of the referendum.

Michael Vesper, head of the German International Olymic Committee, has said that with this recent decision, the people of Hamburg have made it, “impossible to hold the Olympics in Germany for decades,” as quoted by the BBC.

In addition, the BBC reports that Olympic handball medalist Stephan Kretzschma hit social media after the referendum results, tweeting, “the gateway to the Olympic (sports) world has been closed forever. This No doesn’t deserve any medals.”

Hamburg’s drop out is just one more event on the long road these four cities have taken in their attempts to host the 2024 games. Selections by the 2024 Olympic committee are not expected to be announced until the summer of 2017.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 8th print edition.

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