Anonymous: On a Lighter Note

By Nicholas Perugini, Trending Writer

The time of internet innocence is coming to an end. The same tool that has connected families, allowed the creation of multi-national charities, and helped spread the ideas of freedom across the world is now being turned against us. The internet has not only brought our personal information to be at risk, but the entire safety of our nation as well. The key to keeping us safe lies in the hacker group, Anonymous. It is time for the U.S. government to work in close collaboration with Anonymous or to start employing its individual members to keep U.S. cyberspace safe.

The attack on Paris by ISIS has stunned the world. The attack took precision and extreme coordination with the attackers and the ISIS HQ in Syria. Being an international terrorist group, ISIS has to keep in contact with its members around the world. The group is using unconventional ways to communicate. According to International Business Times, ISIS has been speculated to be using the PlayStation 4’s online network to communicate with each other. ISIS is also using the deep web and torrents to hide their communications from official records. These methods make it harder for governments to track these messages. However, it is not impossible. Anonymous members are well versed in the deep web and how to track IP addresses. It would be wise for the U.S. Government to hire or aid Anonymous members in their war with ISIS. Disabling ISIS’s communication through the deep web and other obscure communication means will hamper their ability to strike outside the Middle East and to recruit new members. Anonymous is a great way to track ISIS on the deep web and to shut them down.

Anonymous can be a great defensive group as well as an offensive group. Over the summer, the U.S. government was hacked and millions of peoples’ personal information was stolen. This proves that the U.S. government’s cyber security needs a huge improvement. The problem is that defensive software has to be constantly updated because the cyber world is ever-changing with new technology or hacking methods. It is easy for nations to fall behind in cyber security. The U.S. already hires former hackers to help defend themselves. Anonymous is attracting more hackers with their growing popularity and the U.S. should make attempts to work with Anonymous, which can lead to a future of hiring these members and having them test the government’s security systems and find flaws. This way, the U.S. can be better defended against future cyber-attacks.

The dark web is able to hide cyber terrorism, but Anonymous can bring it to the light for all of us to see.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 8th print edition.

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