Anonymous: Global Perspective

By Kelly McCool, Trending Writer

Anonymous is a computer hacking collective which has recently been involved in many incidents. The group, which is sometimes also referred to as hacktivists or internet vigilantes, is said to have formed, because they want to expose the hypocrisy of governments and certain establishments—especially through the means of the internet. Though some people hold the belief that Anonymous is run by a single leader and is run in one singular country, it has been proven that is recently not the case. Anonymous has tens—possibly hundreds—of thousands of members who all come from different backgrounds and live in different parts of the world.  Each member joined, because of a different motivation and they each have a different agenda for what they plan to do while being affiliated with the group. Some researchers speculate that the age of members range from twelve to forty, though it is hard to be certain of the demographic since the members, after all, remain anonymous.

One example for Anonymous’ presence is how the group has most popularly been involved in exposing ISIS and putting an end to their terrorism.  Due to the group being made up of so many talented hackers, Anonymous has been able to find and shut down thousands of Twitter accounts which have been linked to ISIS, unmasking many members of the terrorist group in the process. Recently, a French member of Anonymous released an announcement via video, which told ISIS that the two groups are now at war with one another due to the attacks on Paris. The video tells ISIS that Anonymous will be tracking the internet and people’s computers even harder than they have before in order to find all of the remaining terrorists. It also says that there will be many cyber-attacks and that they will stop at nothing to end terrorism and save humanity. This has created quite a large reaction from individuals in every part of the world.

If Anonymous were to succeed in their fight against ISIS, the outcomes would be debatably ideal. On one hand, there would be no more terrorism, which is something that people from any country could appreciate. However, there would also be a group of people tracking one’s computers and hacking into them to receive personal information. If Anonymous members reside all over the world, they can speak or understand most languages and are therefore able to track anyone who uses a computer. These people do not necessarily work for the government and it terrifies many people to not be sure if their computers are safe to use and to have their information possibly go into the wrong hands.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 8th print edition.

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