APICS and Net Impact Host Faith Taylor of Wyndham Worldwide

By Briana Glass,
Stillman News Writer

On Nov. 5, APICS and Net Impact co-sponsored a speaker series on Corporate Social Responsibility and the effects it will have on supply chain management.

This event is one of the two talks APICS has sponsored during the academic year.

The speaker for the event was Faith Taylor, Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Social Responsibility at Wyndham Worldwide.

Faith has a rich background and experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and helped to establish several key initiatives within Wyndham that have become industry standards.

The title of her talk was, “Traveling Together for a Better World: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability”.

During her hour-long talk, Faith touched on several areas: the global impact of CSR, the economic and environmental impact, and the effect CSR has on revenue and the bottom line.

Faith further discussed why moving forward, companies will need to work together and share information in order to lessen the carbon footprint caused by major multinational companies more effectively.

Upon the conclusion of the talk, Faith opened up the floor to answer any questions and closed with words of encouragement for undergraduate and graduate students looking for jobs after graduation in supply chain management.

The goal of these talks has been to provide students and club members the opportunity to learn more about the reach of supply chain management from leading professional.

Supply chain management is a relatively new certificate offered by the Stillman School of Business and APICS has been leading the way on campus to expose more students to the multitude of job opportunities in this field.

Over the last few decades, Supply Chain management has become an area of focus that many employers highly regard when hiring.

APICS is in its second year on campus and looks to continue growing its presence within Stillman through various speaker series, plant visits, and networking events.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 17th print edition.

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