Police Brutality: Childhood Impact

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

For many years police brutality has been a widespread and controversial issue around the United States. A large portion of the cases include excessive violence. They have affected a great amount of younger people in addition to the adults.

These violent acts against children have resulted in injuries, both minor and serious, death, and less direct emotional problems. One instance was when six year old Jeremy Mardis was shot and killed in Louisiana. According to CNN, on November 3rd, two officers were pursuing Chris Few with his son Jeremy Mardis in the car after an argument between Few and his girlfriend. The police allegedly moved in to detain Few, who fled in his SUV. They fired at the car and left Few in critical condition and his son dead. It remains unclear why the officers opened fire on the child. A Louisiana judge set a million dollar bail on both officers. Jeremy Davis, an autistic child, was remembered when a small prayer vigil was held, followed by his funeral.

Jeremy Davis was one among many victims of police brutality. There are a variety of cases where children have suffered. Another example was when a six year old boy with special needs was handcuffed when running away from school last December. As stated in Inquisitr, school officials stopped Patrick Reid by using metal handcuffs. The school stood by their actions, claiming that he was “acting in a disruptive manner and being self-destructive during school”. His mother Lakaisha Reed expressed that she did not feel that the handcuffs should have been used. She said that the officials had to learn to deal with any children at that age. Patrick Reid was said to have painful bruises as a result of the incident.

The violent acts shown towards children also include incidents with Tasers, some resulting in death. One incident was in Michigan with a teenager as the victim. Officers were trying to break up an argument and the Taser was used against a 15 year old boy, resulting in his death. The boy was supposedly fighting the officers.

Sometimes children have been victims in less direct ways. Ernest Duenez was shot and killed by cops in 2011. His death left his wife alone to take care of his eleven month old son. The effect here was indirect, but still seen as the infant was left fatherless. Many similar cases have been seen where families are broken.

These instances show the extent to which police brutality occurs. Many have suggested solutions to fix the issue. Regardless, the children are greatly affected by this brutality in a variety of ways, whether directly or indirectly.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 17th print edition.

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