Fox Sports U Helps Students with “The Seton Hall Way” Campaign

By Jackie Marciniak,
Sports Business Editor

On Friday, Nov. 6, the Fox Sports U camera crew began to set up to begin filming all over the Seton Hall campus.  The athletic department along with Dr. McCarthy’s Sports Marketing class partnered with Fox Sports U to create a video centered around the theme of Seton Hall being a small school with a big personality.  The goal was to highlight how athletics and all organizations on campus come together to form Seton Hall traditions.

According to Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing and Promotions, Chris Carl, this project was a great way to demonstrate how united Seton Hall truly is.  He also believes this was a great experience for students to obtain real life experience in running a production.  Filming began early Friday morning with the pep band and the cheerleading team.

According to senior cheerleader, Hailey Lopez, the commercial was a great way to embody the traditions of Seton Hall.  “It’s pretty awesome that Fox Sports U is making a video on what traditions make Seton Hall unique.  For example, we have the tradition of not stepping on the seal, the Christmas tree lighting, and Bounce N Trounce.”

The film crew then moved into the cafeteria to interview Ms. Virginia.  Later in the afternoon, there was an open casting call for all Seton Hall students to be featured in the video.

Dan Brown, a senior Sport Management and Marketing major was very impressed with the outcome of the project that he and his classmates put together.  Brown explained that they were initially assigned to create a project around “The Seton Hall Way” which mimicked Fox’s campaign “The Big East Way”.  Each group was assigned various tasks ranging from research, developing the presentation, interviewing, and developing the storyboard.  Brown emphasized that this was truly a team effort.

According to Brown, the experience he gained from the year-long project was invaluable.  “I never knew that I would have to chance to work on a project this detailed and intimate with a company as huge and popular as Fox Sports U. Opportunities can arise from any situation, even the unexpected,” explained Brown.

Kaitlyn Beale, of Fox Sports U, noted that Seton Hall is the first of the Big East schools to take on a project of this magnitude.  Beale stated it was great to see so many different groups come together and bring their ideas to life.  Beale also added that the ongoing support of the University was extremely helpful.

The final video project will be used on Seton Hall’s social media accounts and clips will be used during basketball game broadcasts.  Fox Sports U is currently in the editing phase of the project.  The final video is expected to air closer to the holidays.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 17th print edition.

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