Stillman Students Take Trip To Empire Wealth Strategies

By Tamanna Desai,
Stillman News Writer

On Thursday, Oct. 22, seven students visited Empire Wealth Strategies (EWS) in New York City for an information session on financial advising. EWS is a financial planning company that helps individuals and businesses allocate their assets. They provide investments, financial planning, insurance and tax planning options for their clients.

According to the Susan Cooper, the CEO of Empire Wealth, everyone needs financial security. Therefore, the demand of financial advisors is increasing and the industry is growing.

Many individuals do not have the experience, tools, or information to understand financial concepts such as the difference between a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) and a Roth IRA or the various retirement plans available. She also shared the importance of what an intern or student looking for a job brings to the table. Explaining why you deserve the position and not someone else is what interviewers are looking for from you.

Cooper also shared with students the characteristics of the financial advising career path. Hard work and drive are extremely important when planning to be a financial advisor. A financial planning company or an individual financial planner builds relationships that require trust. As a result, anyone looking to head down that career path needs to be trustworthy.
Greg Winsper taught the first information session and built upon the characteristics of becoming a successful financial advisor.

He said that the number one concern for people in the age range of 22 to40 is having money for retirement. This accounts for the reason why the industry of financial planning is growing.

Some natural abilities for a financial advisor are high interpersonal intelligence and creativity. At Empire Wealth Strategies, it only takes eight years for an individual to become an independent financial advisor. An associate receives and finds a client base and then understands the client’s needs. EWS provides the start-up capital and personal coaching.

Additionally, Winsper talked about what it is like to be an intern at EWS. The program is structured week by week and is very selective. Five students are chosen for the spring internship program and five for the summer. The students work with a few advisors and every Friday there is a round table lunch where they talk about what they learned so far and goals for the student moving forward.

Sheerah Singer also held an information session. Her session was about LinkedIn and how users can get the most of out their LinkedIn account. The first and most important priority is to always be careful about posting on social media no matter what the media outlet is.

Every user can customize the URL that appears when people click on the user account. Another unique aspect of LinkedIn is endorsements. Users can endorse each other’s skills, which is meant to add credibility for the user. However, the main problem with endorsements is that anyone can endorse anyone and it becomes hard to determine if people know the user well enough to say that he or she actually has the skill.

Third, it is important to get creative with the headline that is underneath the name of the user. An example of that is “strategic thinker looking for [blank]”. In the blanks, users can fill in what they are looking for in a company.

The summary is basically an advertisement of what you want and what you are looking for. The headshot profile picture is the most important because it turns a profile into a human profile. Most executives and professionals do not connect with those who have no picture.

Also, it is important to connect other social media accounts to your profile. The trip to New York City provided a unique opportunity for the students to learn and advance their marketability.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 3rd print edition.

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