Organic Avenue Goes Bankrupt: Capital Buys Out Passion

By Nicholas Zelinsky,   
Money and Investing Writer

Organic Avenue, one of the original companies of the juicing industry filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This juicing company went from a company valued at $30 million dollars, to no longer being considered a stable company, or even having their products on the shelves.

The key difference between the growing business and its lack of performance was the owner.

This company was sold to the Weld North investment firm for a price that is in the ballpark of $30 million dollars.

The original owner of the company, Doug Evans, started this business in his partner, Denise Mari, out of her apartment located on the Lower East Side.

Doug has something that can be considered essential to any business: passion.

His new startup company has already $20 million dollars of investments, with another $100 million waiting to be collected.

He excels at innovation and creating new ideas that are demanded by the public.

Once the company was sold off, that passion was lost, and died with the company.

It is not far stretched to say that passion is essential to any business’ success.

Mark Zuckerberg pursued his passion online, and toppled the already established MySpace website that was previously dominant in the industry of Online Social Networking with his invention of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).

When Organic Avenue was sold to Weld North, the company lost its passion that was Doug Evans.

People go into business because it interests them, and they know the industry and what it requires.

When the company is sold off to a person or firm whose soul interest is the profits the company can yield, the company will have a short life expectancy.

To stay relevant, you need to develop, improve, and create more products that compete with your competitors.

That knowledge does not come from a bank account.

That knowledge is found with those who are passionate about the industry.

Weld North failed to continue the progress of Organic Avenue because they lacked the passion Doug Evans had.

Weld North did not walk hand in hand with Doug and Denise as they made the transition from an idea in an apartment to a $30 million dollar company.

They did not know what Doug knows when it comes to the juicing industry.  Passion cannot be faked, imitated or duplicated.

It comes from within and is shown in the final product.  Weld North could not imitate Doug Evans.

Doug took another passion of his, and is showing how profitable your passion can be.

He took fruit juice and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

He is now continuing his startup success by taking his $120 million dollars of investment, and taking it back to the juicing industry to make another run at his passion.

The company that was started in that apartment in the Lower East Side is no longer.

However the passion and drive that existed in that room during its origins are still with us today, and is proving to the world how powerful they can be through the works of Mr. Doug Evans.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 3rd print edition.

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