After Loud Conversation, Christie Told to Exit QCar

By Anne Szmul,
Domestic News Writer

Presidential candidate, Chris Christie, recently became the focus of an onslaught of criticism as he was reported to have been yelling in the Amtrak quiet car. Following a Sunday appearance on the CBS show, “Face the Nation,” in Washington, D.C., the Republican New Jersey governor boarded the 9:55 a.m. train with several security personnel in order to return to the Garden State.

The initial buzz began when one rider reported to Gawker, a celebrity blog based out of New York City, that “[Governor Christie] got on last minute yelling at his two secret service agents I think because of a seat mixup, sat down and immediately started making phone calls on the quiet car.

After about 10 minutes the conductor asked him to stop or go to another car. He got up and walked out again yelling at his secret service.”

Alexander Mann, the individual that made these comments, also included in his version of events that Christie was drinking a strawberry smoothie from McDonalds.

Another rider, Katie Klabusich, who shared a table with Christie in the quiet car, disputed this version of the story, posting on Twitter that the Presidential hopeful “was super courteous and possibly the least intrusive in-public phone person ever,” as part of a series of tweets posted by CNN.

The quiet-car, a cardinal rule observed by Amtrak passengers, she said, changed location in the express train and thus might have caused some of the confusion.

According to the Huffington Post, Samantha Smith, a spokeswoman for Christie, said that the governor “was not yelling and that he left when he realized he was seated in the wrong car.”

She also apologized to the other patrons who might have been disturbed during his brief stint in the quiet car.

Amtrak poked fun at the incident on Twitter, posting a picture of the quiet car instructions accompanied with the caption “Retweet if you still love riding/working/sleeping in the now #Twitter famous #QCar.”
Representative Charlie Rangel, a Democrat from New York, poked fun at the governor for not obeying the rules of the quiet car, not failing to make comments regarding his choice of beverage. Rangel tweeted that he, unlike Christie, uses real fruit in his home-prepared smoothies.
Christie, well known for his loud personality, has not been faring well in polls. In light of his Wednesday night “barely there” debate performance, on October 29,
The New York Times posted an editorial entitled, “Gov. Christie, Time to Go Home.” The author cited him saying “little of substance” in addition to his role in the budget crisis in New Jersey as grounds for our current governor to drop out of the race.
Despite the Amtrak ordeal and the aforementioned New York Times article, Christie stood poised, taking all in stride in his response to the events.
According to ABC News, Christie seemed to suggest that the attack was simply the liberally-slanted New York Times pulling at straws, calling for him to drop out of the running, “because [the Times is] worried sick that [I] could beat their candidate Hillary Clinton.” Christie continued saying, “now I know I am definitely going to be…President.”

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 3rd print edition.

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