Will Joe Biden Enter the 2016 Presidential Race?

By John Gallagher,
Money and Investing Writer

The Democratic Party hosted their primary debate last week and it became evident how thin the field is for good candidates.

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is the clear front-runner at this point, but is feeling a little bit of heat from the eccentric socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic Party could use another contender to shake things up in the race for the nomination, and heads are beginning to turn to the vice president, Joe Biden.

Biden has spent the last seven years in the White House serving as Vice President to Barack Obama.

The New York Magazine’s article showed the importance of each of the upcoming deadlines, and it is clear that Biden needs to make a decision very soon.

ABC reports that Biden is very close to deciding whether or not to enter the race.

One of Biden’s closest aides said in a letter that his campaign platform will be built on changing the balance of the economy to help the middle class.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been working hard for the past 7 years to make changes aimed to benefit the middle and lower classes, such as the Affordable Care Act, and this election poses threats to those changes.

If Biden feels that the existing candidates aren’t going to steer this country in the right direction, then he will certainly run.

The campaign has been long underway now.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has already raised $29.4 million, and Bernie Sanders has amassed $26.2 million giving them a huge head start over Biden, should he choose to run.

Biden has let his supporters know that he will need their help from the start in the case of a run at office.

In a CNN report, a few of Biden’s reasons to run may include; his full access to the Obama campaign email list, and the handful of labor unions who have not yet endorsed a candidate.

Biden is slated to make his decision within the next week.

Although his closest aides have spoken about him running, when he was asked on cameras recently, he laughed off the question.

People close to Biden say that his plans sound like the plans of somebody who is going to run.

He spent the whole last week talking on the phone with campaign strategists and it seems as if he’s prepping himself to enter the race and spend the next year campaigning for the White House.

With a possible entrance within the next week, Biden has about a month to prepare for the November debate.

The debate is a great opportunity to put himself on a pedestal next to his competition and win over respect from the American people on the national stage.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 20th print edition.

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