Internship Spotlight: Geoffrey Thomulka

By Andrew Aguilera,
Stillman News Editor  

geoffrey thomulka

Geoffrey Thomulka is a junior majoring in finance and accounting. He is from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The Stillman Exchange spoke with Geoffrey about his internship experience this past summer at MILSPRAY Military Technologies.

Q: What were your responsibilities as an intern?
A: I was responsible for internally auditing and updating their expense accounts. I also made adjustments to accounts for month and quarter end.
Additionally, I was in charge of conducting market research to project MSRP, profit margins, and determine the target market for a new line of retail products.

Q: How did you go about getting the internship?
A: I found it on the Career Center Navigator and went in for an interview.

Q: What was the most valuable skill that you learned while interning?
A: The most valuable skill that I learned was how to follow a project from start to finish. With my internship, I was exposed to the progression of large projects.

Q: How was learning in a work environment different than learning in a classroom?
A: I was able to see how concepts in the classroom became practical. I saw that not everything works out perfectly like problems in a text book, so I learned how to adapt to real world situations.

Q: What was the company culture like?
A: They are supportive of diversity in the work place so it was a great place to work. They were very accepting of everyone’s idea and I felt like I made significant contributions.

Q: What were some skills that you learned at Seton Hall that you used in your internship?
A: The two that stick out to me are: time management and how to conduct yourself professionally in the work place. I worked closely with the CEO and CFO. So, the professional skills I learned from SHU, especially the Center for Leadership Development were crucial.

Q: What advice would you give to students who are actively searching for internships?
A: Keep trying. Don’t let a few negative responses take your eye off the prize. There is something out there for everyone, so if you keep trying, you’ll find it.

Q: What is next for you in your career?
A: I will hopefully start looking at roles as a financial analyst.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 6th print edition.

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