Kickstarter Worth $9.19 Million

By Elizabeth Martinez ,  
Money & Investing Writer

Most famous for an item of clothing and forth most overall, the Hiral Sanghavi Kickstarter project has gained nationwide recognition due to the massive over-donation it received this July.

Twenty Nine year old MBA student at Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University, Illinois,) Hiral Sanghavi asked for twenty thousand dollars to create an over the top travel jacket which would come equipped with a built in inflatable pillow, drink holder, phone charger, and eye mask amongst the other fifteen features the product possesses.

What did he receive to accomplish this extraordinary undertaking? A mere $9.19 million United States Dollars, not including the one hundred and fifty thousand he and his wife invested in the product themselves beforehand.

A testament of true American success, Sanghavi and his wife had what they needed in just the first five hours of the campaign, and have already received seventy thousand orders for the jackets total, at a price of between eighty nine and one hundred and twenty dollars.

It all started with Sanghavi’s wife, Yoganshi Shah, a designer who works on the west coast.

Their constant traveling and forgetting of neck pillows (a collection of nine forgotten to be exact) inspired Sanghavi to make their travels as comfortable as possible, while helping to keep track of all of their “gear.”

Thus, what Sanghavi calls the “Swiss army knife jacket” was born.

Investors saw his idea, and smelled a hit (as shown by the more than 1 million dollars he earned within the first week of opening the Kickstarter.)

Sanghavi managed this by combining his unique product idea with his wife’s keen sense of style, creating the ideal product to fit within the specific niche of all travelers.

He gained recognition quickly by appealing to the investors and businessmen who can relate to having to travel regularly in uncomfortable conditions, which is what lead to the immediate influx of cash.

Everyone whose ever had to sit on a long flight with layovers, or a crowded train with strangers knows just how annoying it can be trying to get comfortable when the air is too cold, the lights are too bright, you do not have space to move, or your neck Is just in an uncomfortable position.

Thankfully, come 2016 all of these ailments will all be just a thing of the past, as the jackets become available in retail stores nationwide.

As of today, the only company selling these remarkable travel jackets is BauBax, a company which Sanghavi is co-founder of.

The jackets are offered for both men and women, and in four different styles created by Shah.

As travelers themselves, Sanghavi and his wife were able to infiltrate the mind of all travelers and get to work creating the ultimate traveling companion; a simple and stylish jacket built for the long journey ahead.

Whether you are going by foot, by plain, or by train, this ingenious jacket is the only thing you will need to bring on your way to feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 22nd print edition.

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