Skolnick Begins Demo of Start-Up

By Tamanna Desai,
Stillman News Writer

Freshman Ryan Skolnick won $6,000 at the 2015 Pirates Pitch Competition to use towards his start-up company, Aveho.

Pirates Pitch is the annual competition held by the Entrepreneurial department here at the Stillman School of Business and it awards prizes to participating contestants to help them launch their business venture.

The competition has three stages to it. The first stage of the competition consists of a two to three page online application detailing the specifics of the business model.

The students, whose ideas are selected, move onto the semi-finalists round. This round consists of the ten best ideas, which are then presented via a five-minute pitch to a panel of judges.

The finalist round consists of fifteen page business plan that details the company and how the money won from the competition will starting the building of the selected business idea.

The entrepreneurial department holds workshops that mold the finalists into what is expected of them when they go on to present their idea in a ten minute oral presentation to not only a panel of judges but also a whole auditorium filled with people.

Judges are allowed to question the finalists and then decided who will receive the award.

Anyone interested in applying for next year can look up more detailed information on the Stillman school webpage.

Ryan Skolnick, the winner of the fifth annual Pirates pitch explained his company for the Stillman Exchange.

He said, “Aveho Learning is immersive language learning without having to leave the comfort of your couch. We feel that learning a language should be affordable, dramatically more effective, and certainly shouldn’t be boring. We use the video game platform to better teach languages.”

He added, “Learning a language using the video game platform is unique in that players interacting with gamers are already fully immersed- we’re just layering the language on top, allowing for students to enjoy the process and to learn the language naturally.”

Finally, Skolnick explained how he felt when he won the competition, saying “I cannot begin to tell you how excited I felt being this year’s Pirate’s Pitch winner; I was simply ecstatic. I plan on using the $6,000 towards making my ten minute photo realistic demo game, which I will then take to schools.”

Congratulations to Ryan on starting and growing Aveho Learning. We wish him best of luck on all of his future endeavors.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 28th print edition.

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