Seton Hall Leadership Fellows Program Holds 2015 Kickoff Event

By Alexis Salerno,
Stillman News Writer


Enthusiasm and excitement emanated from the 26 attendees at the Seton Hall Leadership Fellows Program Kickoff Event held on February 10, 2015.  Seniors campus-wide were selected to participate in the program based on their significant student leadership positions or experiences.

“I believe it’s a great idea which brings powerful and strong leaders together,” said participant Chris Gbogi.

Another attendee, Jinita Patel, said, “I thought it was a great event to get students with different majors, interests, and backgrounds together to talk about leadership.”

Over the course of five sessions, the Seton Hall Leadership Fellows Program will provide participants with the unique opportunity to connect will fellow student leaders from all of the schools at Seton Hall.

The program was organized by the Seton Hall Leadership Forum, a group of faculty and administrators representing each school across the University, committed to bringing Seton Hall’s leadership efforts to national prominence and making Seton Hall a place Where Leaders Learn.  According to the program’s founders, “The purpose of the Leadership Seminar is to prepare Seton Hall Senior leaders for a highly successful transition in the next steps of their professional and personal career journey.”

Innovatively, the Kickoff Event served as a planning meeting where students indicated the aspects of leadership they wanted guest speakers to address at upcoming seminars.

Alexa DellCioppia said, “We were given the opportunity to speak with the advisors of the program about how we want our meetings to be run, and I think this will make the following weeks even more enjoyable. The meeting also served as a way to get to know people outside of our respective schools, something that we as a student body do not always have the opportunity to do.”

In the forthcoming seminars, participants will be eager to explore three central facets of leadership, according to Maggie Bach, the Assistant Dean of Students for Leadership Development.  Firstly, students would like guest speakers to describe the roles of a leader and how a leader manages crises and daily responsibilities. Next, students would like to discuss effective ways to demonstrate leadership skills in their new careers. Finally, participants seek to learn the communication and conflict resolution skills of a leader.

After the successful launch of the Seton Hall Leadership Fellows Program, participants and coordinators expressed optimism about the program’s trajectory.

Maggie Bach, one of the founders of the Seton Hall Leadership Fellows Program said, “I’m excited to see where the students take the program.”

“Overall, I found the event incredibly promising. Seeing leaders from various schools come together with common purpose was great. I’m looking forward to the coming sessions,” said Theodore Filardi

The Seton Hall community is looking forward to the future of the program and where it is headed.

In the end, everyone hopes that the selected students will be able to have these unique experiences and expand on their leadership skills.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Feb. 24th print edition.

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