Raise Hope Foundation Third Annual Dinner Welcomes Stillman Student-Volunteers

By Kristine Mamanta,
Managing Editor

With Veterans Day just passing, Stillman students continued on with their volunteering efforts by helping out with the “Third Annual Evening at Club Piscopo” annual charity dinner on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at the Villa at Mountain Lakes.

Students worked with Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development Director Michael Reuter and Raise Hope Foundation President Scott Chesney. The group helped run the evening’s silent auction, where all proceeds benefited the Raise Hope Foundation, an organization that trains, mentors and places people with disabilities and military veterans in competitive careers in financial services. Attendees enjoyed appetizers, dinner, and entertainment by Joe Piscopo, American comedian and actor known for his work on Saturday Night Live, and comedian Jeff Norris.

During the event, volunteers were assigned to check guests in, escort them to the silent auction room, and help coordinate those who were bidding on items – which included paintings, purses, handbags, and jewelry.

Attendees represented a number of sponsored financial services companies, such as Investors Bank, PNC, and American Express.

Even Seton Hall alumni showed their faces at the event. Students were not only able to help out during the event, they also took full advantage of the fantastic networking opportunities with the executives and guests that attended.

Following the event was a night filled with laughter and music, as the crowd was entertained by Piscopo and Norris. The students were able to also meet the two entertainers.

“It was a great night filled with endless opportunities,” said sophomore Vina Tailor. “We were able to offer a helping hand with checking in and organizing the silent auction. Throughout the night, we networked with a number of individuals, enjoyed the entertainment provided by Joe Piscopo and shared lots of laughs together for a great cause.”

Throughout the event, the crowd was also able to hear of the testimonies and positive outcomes that the organization was able to provide some of its members. Scott Chesney gave a short speech of thanks for those who so generously donated in order to attend the event and partake in the silent auction.

“I echo the words of our fearless leader Michael when I simply say thank you,” said Chesney in regard to the students’ performances. “Your grace, unconditional support, and attention to detail were all demonstrated incredibly…but I am not surprised…because you are “the best of the best!!”

Raise Hope Foundation’s mission is to “to witness a financial services industry that through education, awareness, technology, and accessibility provides rewarding careers for people with all abilities.” Rest assured, the organization is able to do that and much more through the help and proceeds received during the night.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 18th print edition.

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