“Voices of the Hall” Wall Street Edition Takes Place in Rockefeller Center

By Brian Bozzo,
Stillman News Writer  

Seton Hall University’s “Voices from The Hall” series brings prominent experts and opinion leaders in business, health, marketing, the arts and the humanities to the Seton Hall community throughout the country to share their perspectives on current issues affecting our world.

The Voices from The Hall Wall Street Event, took place at the Loft and Garden Rockefeller Center on October 14, 2014.
Drawing a large amount of students, faculty, and professionals, the event was put together to discuss and reinforce the fact that Wall Street is changing.

Attendees focused on the global financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 and the new rules and regulations, along with tightened enforcement, that firms and investors are now facing.

“The evening started out with a cocktail hour and light networking,” said business student Mark Janiak.

Presentations began with Matthew Borowick, Associate Vice President of Alumni and Government Relations. Following Mr. Borowick, Monsignor Robert F. Coleman led the group in prayer, then a panel discussion was introduced, facilitated by Dean Joyce Strawser.

Panel participants included Dr. Tony Loviscek and Jim O’Brien, Seton Hall alumni and generous donors to the university. The panel discussed the increasing importance of technology and how it is making the market more liquid and more transparent.

The panel discussion moved to a broader ground, and began discussing other topics, such as trends in the world of finance.

“It was a great event and I am looking forward to attend Voices from The Hall more often,” exclaimed Janiak.

By the end of the evening one theme resonated clearly; how important it is to adapt and be flexible in today’s ever changing world.

This theme carries on not only into the world of business and finance, but into our daily lives as a great moral lesson.

The guest speakers of the night brought current issues to the forefront and tackled them, showing the students and attendees that change is constant and needs to be addressed.

Thank you to Seton Hall University and the faculty of the Stillman School of Business for organizing and hosting this event.
Seton Hall University continues to be on the forefront of innovative thinking, and Voices from the Hall is a strong example of the University providing a platform for students to expand their knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

For more information on Voices from the Hall, visit the University’s website at http://www.shu.edu.

The next event will take place on October 28, 2014 in Princeton, N.J. and will discuss “The Science of Persuasion.”

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 21st print edition.

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