SHU-NEW Mentoring Welcomes PMRG to Program

By Kristine Mamanta,
Managing Editor

The start of another semester brings about multiple opportunities for mentorship at the Stillman School provides – one being the SHU-NEW-PMRG mentoring program.

For the past three years, the Network of Executive Women (NEW) has partnered with Seton Hall to provide an opportunity to be mentored by a professional in the consumer packaged goods industry. This year, the program has broadened its doors and built an alliance with the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG).

“The SHU-NEW-PMRG Mentoring Program is a great opportunity for students to explore careers in marketing and market research in the consumer package goods and pharmaceutical industries and benefit from the guidance of professionals in the field,” said Career Center Assistant Director Beth Branigan. “Students and mentors develop lifelong connections and learn from one another.”

Both female and male students interested in the program were nominated by their marketing professors. After applying and being chosen to participate, mentees were partnered with a professional for one-on-one mentoring throughout the academic year. Professionals, who volunteered their time to mentor, represent a distinguished number of pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Novartis, and Daiichi Sankyo.

In the beginning of this month, mentors and mentees had the opportunity to meet in person during the kickoff meeting, where the pairs were able to meet and set expectations for the year-long relationship. Branigan and Marketing Professor Daniel Ladik, who facilitate the mentorships, emphasized that this is a “mentee-driven, mentor-guided” program. Mentors cannot know what their mentees need guidance on unless the mentee openly communicates his or her needs and interests. At the same time, should a mentor not have the answer to a mentee’s specific question, the mentor could connect his or her mentee to a colleague that could help provide the appropriate answer.

Jinita Patel, a senior studying finance and marketing, was partnered with Sally Bartlett, a professional working for leading market research company GfK. Although her and her mentor just met, she looks forward to learning about Bartlett’s experiences and seeing if it can help her combine her interests in finance and marketing.

Like most mentoring programs, each mentor and mentee is expected to meet twice a semester. The program concludes with a closing luncheon in April 2015.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 21st print edition.

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