APICS Presents “Lean Ice Cream” Demo

By Sam Cutrone,
Stillman News Writer

Seton Hall’s APICS student chapter had its organizational debut on Tuesday, October 7, when Michael Ford presented his simulation of the supply chain through “Lean Ice Cream.”

Students, faculty, and interested guests filled the Jubilee Auditorium in anticipation an unexpected combination, ice cream and the supply chain. Selected participants sat in the front row, among them Dean Joyce Strawser and Dr. David Rosenthal, Chair of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences.

The session included two demos. Ford first had volunteers from the audience form a traditional job shop layout on the stage.

About ten students sat at several different workstations. Orders for selected people’s ice cream were taken and went through a lengthy and inefficient process.

Then, in a second simulation, participants created their own flow line they thought was appropriate and labor effective, an improved lean environment. This proved the night’s productive winner in a significant time difference of seven minutes with only four workers.

Michael Ford has 29 years of experience in the supply chain field with over eight certificates. With his extensive experience, he is recognized as a subject matter expert.

Presenting to Seton Hall what he has brought around the world, Stillman students received a better understanding of the benefits of a stream lined supply chain in any firm.

APICS is the leading professional association in supply chain and operations management. Serving 37,000 members, there are chapters all over the nation, now including on Seton Hall’s campus. The association conducts research and educational programs for its members in order to continue field excellence.

Four junior Stillman students, Christina Findakly, Angelo Ungro, Gabriela Redhead, and Alexander Cohn, started Seton Hall’s student chapter with the help of faculty Dr. Renu Ramnarayanan and Dr. Penina Orenstein.

An APICS membership can allow students to participate in student case competitions as well as network with industry professionals at events such as the APICS International Conference. The organization is a great outlet for students interested in the supply chain, operations, and logistics. The Wall Street Journal says that Supply Chain Management is the hot new M.B.A. to get, something that Stillman offers on the graduate level.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 21st print edition.

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