Students and Executives Connect at Alumni Dinner Series

By Elizabeth Burke,
Stillman News Writer

During these past few weeks, The Stillman School of Business launched its third Annual Student-Alumni Dinner Se­ries.

This dinner series included eight din­ners thus far, hosted by various Stillman alumni.

Each of these dinners offered a time for current Stillman students to connect with Stillman alumni and successful ex­ecutives in the various fields of business.

Associate Dean Leigh Onimus was one of the organizers of these dinners.

She said that each dinner “offered a tremendous opportunity to make a connec­tion with accomplished, well-connected alumni” for current Stillman students. This opportunity is one that all promising stu­dents at Stillman are truly lucky to have.

When the students arrived at the res­taurants, they were greeted by the respec­tive alumni and were able to have casual conversation getting to know one another. As their conversations progressed, it start­ed being geared towards business and their respective fields.

Students were able to question the ex­ecutives on anything they wanted to know regarding their futures in the business world.

The executives provided the students with as much insight, guidance, and help as they could.

The students also did the same. These dinners are just as helpful for the alumni as they are for the students.

The dinner series provided unique ways for students to gain greater insight into the business world through these ex­ecutives.

Different topics that these executives discussed with the students included the current market, current thriving compa­nies, employment and internship oppor­tunities, information on different fields of business, and current employers.

When students ask questions, it gives the professionals opportunity to not only answer the questions, but also to recount their own experiences and give personal knowledge and insight.

Luciano Cundari, freshman and mem­ber of the Leadership Development Honors Program, attended a dinner this past week with Mr. Sal Cocco of AXA Advisors.

When asked what he thought the pur­pose of the Stillman Dinner Series was, he responded, “That the purpose of the Still­man dinner series is to help connect alumni with students in order to: strengthen the “family” aspect of Seton Hall and Still­man, to help students gain knowledge from the alumni’s experience and for Stillman alumni that wish to give back, they are able to help out the future employees of their companies.”

According to Dean Onimus, the Still­man team is currently in the process of adding more dinners to the schedule.

Hopefully another eight to ten dinners will be added before the end of this aca­demic year.

They provide such wonderful opportu­nities for Stillman students, past and pres­ent. More students should take advantage of this great opportunity and attend one of these dinners.

This is a great networking opportunity that makes Stillman unique in serving their current students as well as their past stu­dents.

Many students do not realize the end­less networking possibilites that Stillman can provide them, especially with Still­man’s accomplished alumni.

This is truly a great way to build your professional network with Seton Hall alumni. This opportunity is also great for all students because it is never too early to begin building one’s network.

If you wish to sign up for a future din­ner or wish to inquire more information about the Stillman Dinner Series, please contact Dean Onimus with your questions.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Apr. 7 print edition.

Contact Elizabeth at


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