Stillman Hosts Integrity & Professionalism Luncheon

By Vina Tailor,
Stillman News Writer

The Stillman School of Business held its annual Integrity and Professionalism Scholarship Luncheon on Wednesday, March 26. Families were invited to gather as a wide variety of Stillman’s brightest students were recognized for a number of awards.

The beginning of the luncheon started off with a few words from Dean Strawser. As families lined up to get food, two vid­eos were playing for everyone to view.

One of the videos was submitted by Nicholas Luciano, a proud recipient of many awards that day.

Nicholas shared a few words in regards to his scholarship. “Winning Stillman’s Vi­ral Video Competition was probably one of the best achievements I have had at Seton Hall so far as a junior. I was able to visually depict what I learned through my intern­ship and display to everyone how much a Stillman education is really worth to me.”

Luciano further explained, “It was a great honor having it played at the lun­cheon and a proud moment I can never forget after working two months to put the video together. MDOL, the company I in­terned for really stood behind me and al­ways helped me strive for success.”

As the luncheon progressed, Dean Strawser started the distribution of schol­arship awards. Some of these awards included Sophomore and Senior Assess­ment Prize, Mills Prize for Academic Excellence, Mutual Benefit Life Scholar­ship, First Fidelity Work-Study Prize, CIT Scholarship, “Advancing Stillman” Award Competition, Beck Memorial Scholarship, Adjunct Professor Excellence Award and many others.

Carla Santos, a freshman recipient for the Dr. Gerald P. Buccino Scholarship, said, “Being recognized at a luncheon was a true honor. It was great to see all of the other people who were being honored and learn about some of the awards. I had no idea that there were so many scholarship opportunities available at the Stillman School.”

Each scholarship recipient had the op­portunity to sit with the scholarship bene­factors that generously offered them an award.

During the luncheon, both recipients and benefactors were able to get to know one another through casual conversations. Many benefactors were even called up to help present awards to their scholarship recipients.

Rounds of applause filled the air as re­cipients and awardees were called up to re­ceive a certificate and a green cords. Upon graduation, students are expected to wear all the cords they have earned throughout their journeys through Seton Hall, to com­memorate the successes they achieved at the university.

As described in the program, integrity is “courageously, visibly and steadfastly doing what is right and good regardless of outcomes or rewards by consistently living one’s highest values.”Similarly, professionalism is “being recognizing for one’s expertise, commitment to continu­ous learning, and highest levels of per­formance, excellence and quality in every aspect of one’s personal and business life.”

Both Luciano and Santos are hard­working individuals who exemplify some of the many characteristics and qualities that all Stillman students share.

Stillman business students are dedi­cated, determined, driven and passionate about their work and strive for success. Luciano and Santos’ achievements are just a glimpse of what all the Stillman business students are made of and how bright their futures actually are.

The program did not only congratu­late Stillman students for their successes. Stillman faculty members were also recognized for their hard work and dedi­cation in teaching students at the university.

The Adjunct Profes­sor Excellence Award was given to adjust professors who received stellar pro­fessor evaluations from all the sections of the classes they taught. These profes­sors are required to teach over a certain number of semesters before being considered for this award. It is a difficult endeavor for a professor to have a unanimous round of posi­tive professor evaluations.

Professors that proved this endeavor possible include Jonathan Stout for Ac­counting and Taxation, Matthew Geibel for Computing and Decision Sciences, and Lisa Parles for Economics and Legal Stud­ies.

By the end of the luncheon, Dean Strawser shared that the Professionalism & Integrity Luncheon started off small enough for every person in the room to stand up and introduce themselves.

Over the years, more scholarships were offered and the number of winners grew. With so many people in the room, it was almost impossible to recognize each student for their individual accom­plishments. This shows how the Stillman School of Business continues to grow and how academic excellence of the students is always top priority.

Stillman will continue to be recog­nized for its students for their hardwork, dedication, and commitment to making Stillman the top notch business program that it truly is.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Apr. 7 print edition.

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