Eagles Trash Becomes Redskins Treasure as Jackson Switches Teams

By Joseph Rofrano,
Sports Business Writer

Making NFL headlines this past week was former, yes former Philadelphia Ea­gles star wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Jackson was cut by the Eagles this past weekend after the Eagles were unsuccess­ful in its attempts to trade him. Jackson was scheduled to make $10.5 million dol­lars in 2014, but no other team was willing to take on that contract as part of a trade for Jackson.

When reports were released on the Eagles decision to cut Jackson, initially it indicated the decision was for monetary purposes only. However, DeSean Jackson has been known to often act out on and off the football field in the past and create negative publicity for not only himself, but his team also. He has had a reputation for being an immature athlete since his college days at California.

It has been reported many times in the past that Jackson has missed team meet­ings and also gone against a coaches in­structions, but now the accusations have become far more serious than in the past.

Later reports indicated that the Eagles not only released Jackson because of his looming salary for 2014, but also because of his alleged gang affiliation. Upon his re­lease, Jackson was scheduled to visit with many teams.

Some of the teams included the San Francisco 49ers, the Washington Redskins, and the team he grew up watching in his hometown, the Oak­land Raiders.

Earlier on in the week it appeared that he would be headed to play for the Raid­ers, but that situation became less likely after the Raiders reached out to the Los Angeles Police Department inquiring about Jackson’s in­volvement with street gangs.

Comcast Sports Network’s bay area website reported ear­lier this week that the LAPD confirmed reports of Jackson’s involvement with members of Los An­geles’s street gangs.

Jackson did not sign with the Oakland Raiders, but instead took a trip to the nation’s capital this week and met with the Washington Redskins. Jackson met with the Redskins on Tuesday, but left their facilities without initially reaching an agreement.

However, it was later reported that on Wednesday morning the Redskins reached an agreement on a three-year contract with Jackson worth 24 million dollars.

It did not come as much of a surprise that Jackson would not make the 10.5 mil­lion per year he was slated to make with the Eagles this year, but took a cut down to 8 million instead.

What is surprising about the deal is that 16 million of the 24 million dollar con­tract is guaranteed money.

For a player that comes with a history like Jackson’s, it is alarming to see that more than half of his contract is guaran­teed.

It has been a wild week for not only Desean Jackson, but also the teams in­volved in his move from Philadelphia to Washington.

This story will be interesting to follow in the coming season, but in addition to that, the fact that the Eagles and the Red­skins are divisional rivals will only add more intrigue to an already thrilling story.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Apr. 7 print edition.

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