“Tips to Launch and Advance Your Career” Provides Students With Great Advice

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer

On Tuesday March 18, 2014, the out­side of the Jubilee Auditorium had tables with blue table cloths, ready to open the event to eager Stillman students.

This was due to the fact that the Cen­ter for Entrepreneurial Studies and the NJ Turnaround Management Associa­tion sponsored a lecture entitled, “Tips to Launch and Advance Your Career.”

The event began with a welcome by Susan Scherreik, the director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. She stressed the importance of taking advantage of all opportunities presented.

She was followed by Harvey Topitz, who took the place of Paul Rome, and is a member of the NJ Turnaround Manage­ment Association. He was followed by the moderator, Bill Giovanniello who is the Managing Director of BDO USA, LLP. He allowed the panelists to introduce them­selves.

The first of many panelist speakers in­cluded Keara Waldron, an attorney at Low­enstein Sadler, where she is an associate in the Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors’ Rights Department. She made a point to be mindful of one’s networks and connections.

Waldron also mentioned keeping an open line of communication with everyone and use social networking to one’s advan­tage. Remember that everyone and anyone can see what one posts on any social net­working sites, so remember to be mindful one’s social media presence.

Diane Rallo is the Assistant Vice Pres­ident at Lakeland Bank in the Asset Based Lending Department. She said that it is important to take the fundamental classes; however she learned a lot of her traits from on-the-job training.

She had many mentors and people who guided her on how to succeed in her career once she got her job. Learning truly does continue after college.

Daniel Ladik is an Associate Professor at Seton Hall University where he teaches social media, marketing strategy and sales management in the Stillman School of Business. He often spoke from two points, personal experience and advice that he would give to his students.

Social media is an important tool that students can utilize when preparing for the job market. He made a point of how help­ful LinkedIn can be, especially when it comes to getting connections and learning about a company before an interview.

The final panelist was Michelle Morris who is the Senior Accountant at WithumSmith+Brown. She performs fo­rensic accounting for insolvent and bank­rupt businesses.

She strongly suggests being a well-rounded person because, for internships, the company does not only look at previ­ous work experience, they look for how well rounded you are. However, it is im­portant to get internships under your belt so that one could get a job lined up for when graduation comes around.

Each of the panelists shared insight­ful words of advice that many Stillman students could use moving forward in their careers.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Mar. 25 print edition.

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