Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion to Expand Social and Company Horizons

By Pilar Martinez,
Money and Investing Writer

The world is constantly improving, looking for better ways of communica­tion and the most recent advancements in technology. Facebook, the powerful so­cial media platform, is taking risks in or­der to further improve the services of the company. Recently, Facebook purchased WhatsApp, an app used to connect users from anywhere under the WiFi server, for $19 billion.

Facebook’s investment in WhatsApp may very well be the company’s most at­tractive accessory yet. WhatsApp has twice the users as Twitter and approxi­mately 450 million users daily. Nonusers may not fully understand why this app is so attractive compared to the rest. It is well known that international phone plans are extremely expensive and require a lot of attention when traveling.

The need to purchase a new plan and spend big bucks on text messaging in order to communicate across nations tends to be a pain, with many different steps needing to be taken in order to accumulate the abil­ity to connect across the world.

This common base of communication is a truly brilliant remedy of communica­tion. It gives its users the ability to have personal text messaging without the worry of running over their phone plans for in­ternational data. The free app is worry-free and only needs to be connected to 3G or WiFi.

WhatsApp is used on cellphones inter­nationally. These appealing aspects reel in users very easily because there is virtually no loss with the system put together in or­der to make this app function.

This $19 billion dollar deal may be the best promotional capability yet. This ac­quisition demonstrates innovation within a company that has grown at a blazing rate since its inception in 2004. However, a lack of innovation and the rise of Twitter have halted Facebook’s growth in recent years. A multibillion dollar investment is no joke. There is great risk within this purchase and only then would the company learn from the decision.

A major benefit of Twitter and Face­book is that both social media outlets are used at one’s fingertips. It is also so con­venient and easy to reach someone across the world and speak to him or her without ever having to put more effort into it than necessary.

The inevitable brilliance of WhatsApp again gives the world a larger playing field to be freely able to reach out to all corners of the world right at ones fingertips. The world is becoming flat and, little by little, humanity is learning about the amazing capabilities and opportunities that technol­ogy holds.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 25 print edition.

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