Super Bowl Sales Approaching $200 Million, Record

By Nicholas Coppola,
Sports Business Writer

The NFL is approaching yet another major milestone as Super Bowl Sunday draws near. Merchandise sales are ex­pected to exceed $200 million leading up to the event, which would potentially set a new sales record for the league.

With the biggest day in the NFL season less than a week away, fans and media across the country are anxiously awaiting February 2. And while the hype around the two teams, the location of the game and the possible weather issues is building, the NFL itself is taking full ad­vantage of this historic event with the ma­jor spike in sales.

Any major sporting event which takes place in or around New York City can always expect a great deal of sales and publicity. But the fact that the Super Bowl, America’s premier sporting event, is being played in America’s biggest market for the first time ever, makes the excitement sur­rounding the event that much greater.

Leo Kane, NFL senior vice president of consumer products, spoke to the media about the expected merchandise sales prior to the championship round of games last weekend.

According to Kane, “We’ve gotten in the $200 million area before and we think we’ve got a real good chance to go over $200 million this year at retail. We’re in position to perhaps set a record.”

The $200 million mark Kane referred to occurred with the forty sixth Su­per Bowl, famous for the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in 2012.

And while it was a great achievement for the league then, that Super Bowl took place in Indianapolis, Indi­ana. With New York and New Jersey now hosting the event, the NFL expects much more business.

Merchandise sales for the event include all products featuring the Super Bowl Logo. With this game be­ing the first of its kind to be held outdoors in the cold weather (and possibly snow), items like hats, gloves and scarves will be in high demand.

The league has also taken advantage of the overwhelming amount of tourists coming into the city to experience the event. Super Bowl Boulevard was created to enhance the experience; a thirteen block area around Broadway featuring all things football in celebration of the event. The area also includes a 36,000 square-foot NFL Shop, also a first time creation by the league.

Across the river at MetLife Stadi­um, the league is also expecting a record amount of sales on the day of the game. Multiple decisions have been made by the league to best prepare for the high influx of sales.

Going against what it traditionally does, the league decided to hire the hosting stadium’s vendor to provide both merchan­dise and food.

Twenty-five specialized iPods will be used inside the stadium store to handle transactions as quickly and effectively as possible.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 print edition.

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