Stillman Alumnus Embarks on Entrepreneurship Journey with

By Kristine Mamanta,
Managing Editor

Many college students can relate to the limited variety of lunch and dinner choices they have during their time at school. Some people see it as a restraint, but for CEO and Founder of, Kenneth Cucchia, he saw it as a potential business opportunity.

“Just because you’re still in school doesn’t mean you can’t get the ball rolling for your future endeavors,” he said. “Not only does being an entrepreneur provide you with this opportunity for yourself, but it also serves to create jobs for other people who are in need of work locally.”

Seton Hall and Stillman School alum­nus, Cucchia, became interested in the de­livery aspect of business when he and his roommates could not find any good deals from restaurants online.

During his senior year, he decided to start an online order and delivery service, a business that is now called is a full service management firm that manages the deliv­ery side of a restaurant’s business, allow­ing restaurant owners to focus on what they know best – running the restaurant. The company’s goal was to first cater to the local Seton Hall community by in­corporating the acceptance of Pirate’s Gold at all restaurants that serve through

Prior to the company’s start-up, there were only a handful of local restaurants that accepted Pirate’s Gold.

“As a former student, I really want to give back to the school that has provided me with so much during my time at Seton Hall, and even more so now, in helping me spread the word about what the company is doing for the students,” Cucchia said.

The company’s second goal was to ca­ter to the communities surrounding Seton Hall. now serves multiple areas in New Jersey, including South Or­ange, Maplewood, West Orange, Spring­field, Cedar Grove, and Garfield.

Cucchia, who graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship, was aware of the first-hand of the challenges that came with starting a business.

With the support of his peers and pro­fessors, Cucchia was able to get the ball rolling with Professors Dr. McCrea and Dr. Sadler were incredibly helpful in terms of guiding him in register­ing the business and starting it up using the proper channels.

“The ability to have professors that you can trust providing you with useful feedback is one of the greatest advantages of attending college,” said Cucchia.

Since then, has helped the Seton Hall community by pro­viding students with a wide variety of op­tions as to where they can get food from, as well as getting groceries delivered to campus or off-campus residences. Students now have a list of over 20 restaurants they can order from.

Many of the restaurants offer late night deliveries, and it has been especially helpful to students who do not have cars with them at school. is also offering exclusive Seton Hall Univer­sity student discounts to all students for the spring semester.

Moving forward, the Deals4Meals. com team is gathering new ideas on how to make the business work better. Accord­ing to Cucchia, it is critical to make sure that the company instills value within all aspects of the business, including its em­ployees, clients and customers.

“If you make your customer feel like they truly matter, and that you actually care about their personal needs, you will have a customer for life,” Cucchia said. “The re­warding part about this is that most people realize that I am trying to go out of my way to provide them with great service, and re­ally, that is what stands for, and will continue to stand for.”

For future entrepreneurs, Cucchia ad­vises that in order to start a business, one must be able to get out of one’s comfort zone and make sacrifices. While the pro­cess to starting and maintaining a suc­cessful business is difficult, it should not hold one back from reaching the final goal. Cucchia states that hard work never goes unrecognized.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 print edition.

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