Stillman Alumni Talk “Real-World” to Accounting Club

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer

Growing up is a scary thing. Once graduation passes, one must start living in the real world. No more short weeks and long weekends.

The daunting real world, however, can be debunked by talking to those who are living in it. On November 12, the Ac­counting Club hosted Meet the Alumni. Lauren Nicoletti, SHU graduate of 2012, and Kevin Van Demark, SHU graduate of 2008, returned to South Orange to answer questions about the future.

The questions were not just based on how the professional worlds works, but also how one adjusts personally to the “re­al-world.”

Nicoletti is an audit associate at KPMG, who got her job by interning with KPMG the summer after her junior year.

Van Demark is currently an accounting specialist at Prudential Financial; he was President of the Accounting Club while at Seton Hall and then worked at Deloitte & Touche for three and a half years before he started his current position.

The night started off with when the alumni were asked what the biggest transi­tion was from college to the workforce.

Nicoletti thought that it was going from classes four days a week with many breaks to working five days a week, includ­ing some Saturdays, from nine to five.

Van Demark agreed that working full time was difficult, but so was working with and for different people. This transition started in college, but in the workforce one must learn how to adjust to different people and not complain. If one would complain to the wrong person, he or she would likely get fired.

Another memorable part of the night came from Van Demark. He expressed multiple times that, “everyone has differ­ent experiences.”

He said this to make sure that no one would make future plans based off of one person’s experience.

No two occurrences are the same, and no one is the same. One must take the ex­periences of many and then make up what to do in the future based on what they deem is suitable.

As the meeting progressed it became apparent that this information would be helpful to anyone in the Stillman School, not just accounting majors. The informa­tion provided by alumni can be crucial to all students, including Stillman business students and other colleges within Seton Hall.

They also suggested getting involved in Alpha Beta Psi. The Stillman School is one big family, all of the majors support each other, and the clubs benefit every member of the Stillman family.

Every organization can offer a new perspective to different majors on campus and it is definitely a learning experience to talk to alumni.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Nov. 26 print edition.

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