Toronto Mayor Admits to Drug Use, Remains in Office

By Meredith Keegan,
International News Editor

Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, has recently come un­der public scrutiny after a video surfaced depicting the public official smoking illegal drugs.

The video was stated to have been discovered by To­ronto’s police force from a computer seized in a drug and gang violence investigation and has since been broadcast­ed by the media. The most recent uncovered video de­picts him smoking a crack pipe which revives previous allega­tions in May that show Ford again using crack cocaine last winter.

When asked about his drug habits Mayor Ford told a group of journalists, “You asked me a question back in May and you can repeat that question. Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. But no—do I am I an addict?—No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably ap­proximately about a year ago.”

Mayor Ford’s outraged denial and then subsequent admission has been turbulent, with increased the calls from members of City Council and citizens for him to step down. However according to CNN, even with cries of disappointment, Ford plans on running for re-election next year.

During a news conference, November 19, Ford main­tained, “I was elected to do a job and that is exactly what I am going to continue doing. We live in a democracy and on October 27, 2014, I want the people of this great city to de­cide if they want Rob Ford to be their mayor.”

The repercussions of Ford’s involvement with crack cocaine and drug dealers have been overwhelming as the city council has voted to cut his of­fice budget by 60 percent, his mayoral staff has now transi­tioned under the command of the deputy mayor, Norm Kelly and the Sun News Network has cancelled his new tele­vision show.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Nov. 26 print edition.

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