Nevada School Shooter Kills 1 and Wounds 2

By Dominique Fortes,
Domestic News Writer

On Monday, September 21, twelve-year-old Nevada middle school student, Jose Reyes, shot and killed one teacher and wounded two stu­dents. He took his father’s pistol from home and used it to commit the crime before taking his own life as well.

One student claims to have heard noises early in the morning, before class, unaware at first of what exactly they were.

Only after seeing a wounded classmate and the gun being pulled out, did he realized what had hap­pened. Unfortunately, this student, identified as Angelo Ferro, was soon pressed up against a wall with classmates, shying away from Reyes who was threatening them with a gun. Fortunately, Reyes left the group without shooting.

Although those students were left unharmed, not all was well. Reyes had managed to injure two students earlier and take the life of one teacher.

This teacher, Michael Lands­berry, a 45-year-old ex-marine, had stepped in when he realized that Reyes had a gun, after the first shot had been fired. “Mr. Landsberry’s heroic actions, by stepping toward the shooter, allowed time for other students in the playground area to flee,” said Police Chief Mike Mieras, in an interview with CNN. He tried to protect the children and in doing so, gave up his own life.

No one is surprised at the heroic ac­tions of Landsberry. Even during his time at the school, he was admired by many. Memorial services are being performed in his honor.

Although new information is being discovered, there is one answer that no­body has found yet. Why did Reyes do what he did? Shy, but always smiling, Reyes was known as a fairly normal stu­dent. In an interview with ABC News, his friend, Diego Munoz, identified him as “your typical 12-year-old…he wasn’t one of those kids [that wanted to be popular]. He didn’t have a lot of friends, but he had a couple of friends. He didn’t seem to be a loner.”

Many people believe that bullying played a role in his motivation to commit such an act. In an interview with CNN, one student, Kyle Nucum, claims that he heard Reyes yelling “stuff like, ‘Why are you laughing at me? Why are you doing this to me?’”

Not all of the details of the incident have been uncovered just yet. Authori­ties are still looking further into the case.

Because this incident has occurred so near to the anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shoot­ing, national debate has sparked once more over gun violence in schools. As a result, new school security plans are being discussed nationwide.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 29 print edition.

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