Issues with Common App Worry Applicants

By Michael DePalma,
Domestic News Editor

This is the time of year that rising high school seniors dream of: finally applying to the colleges and universities of their dreams.

The time is both anxiety ridden and exciting, yet, with issues being reported concerning the Common Applica­tion, a consistent stress reliever for students applying to multiple schools at once, the anxiety part may override the excitement.

According to a report on CBS, one student, Maria Voss, complained that her e-mail would not go through and let her sign on to her Common Application account. “I enter my e-mail and it says, ‘There’s no account with this e-mail’” Voss said. “I was kind of in a panic zone because I wanted to get these deadlines. I had a few essays to finish writing, a few recommendations to send off and I couldn’t go on.”In recent news there has been issues with impor­tant websites malfunctioning due to high volume use. For instance, the healthcare website launched by the govern­ment has cited a high colume of traffic and interactors that caused issues with its working properly. Similarly, Com­mon Application cited on their website that a “spike” in volume is to blame for the latency issues.

Universities have responded to the call from students using social media. Tweets about never being able to ap­ply to college range through the social media site recently, as students’ anxiety about the process meant to simplify and streamline the college admissions sequence has risen.

According to CBS, a university stated that it will not hold a student accountable for something completely out of their control. “We are not going to let technology punish a student for something that’s outside of their control. If that means extending a deadline, we’re going to do that,” Georgia Tech University stated. Meanwhile, other univer­sities have joined Tech in extending deadlines for the ap­plication process.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 29 print edition.

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